INDIRECTION – Peter Brooks, Our Mutual Friend, JS Mill, Master of Ballantrae, Wings of the Dove, Creative Evolution

SENSE AND SENSIBILITY – Sense and Sensibility, Mill on the Floss, Women in Love, Tarr

LIFE – Robert Browning, Elizabeth Barret Browning, Our Mutual Friend, Middlemarch, The Ambassadors

THE EVERYDAY – “Ithaca,” In Parenthesis, Mrs. Dalloway, “Modern Fiction,” To The Lighthouse, “Sketch of the Past,” Between the Acts

MIRROR – Lady of Shallot, Mill on the Floss, Decay of Lying, “Telemachus,”Mrs. Dalloway, de Koven

STORY OF THE STORY – Sartor Resartus, Henry James Prefaces, The Moonstone, Dracula, Master of Ballantrae, Opening of Daniel Deronda, Gaudier-Brezka

NIETZSCHE – History for Life, Bergson’s Creative Evolution, D.H. Lawrence’s Women in Love, Lewis’s Tarr

ARCHITECTURE – Northanger Abbey, Tenant of Wildfell Hall, John Ruskin, William Morris, Woman in White, Jude the Obscure, The Rainbow

THE COMMODITY – Marx, Adorno, The Ambassadors, Howard’s End, Ulysses, Money, Saturday

FIRST PERSON NARRATION – FID in Ambassadors and James Prefaces, Conrad and Ford, first and second Beckett trilogies through lens of Film, arc of Yeats poetic development

THE QUOTIDIAN (victorian) – Gaskell’s Mary Barton, Eliot’s Mill on the Floss and Middlemarch, Morris’s “The Lesser Arts”

ADVERTISING – Ambassadors, Ulysses, Mrs. Dalloway,

PROTEAN ABILITIES – Arabella Donn vs. Jude Fowley, Malachi Mulligan vs. Stephen Dedalus

VALUE – Lord Jim, “Ithaca,” Howard’s End, Marx (fixed, relative, surplus, variable)

LABOR – Ruskin, Morris, Jude the Obscure, Women in Love

DECAY – Darwin, Picture of Dorian Gray, Tarr, Ulysses, The Waste Land

PSEUDO-COUPLES: Crich-Birkin, Tarr-Kreisler, Bloom-Dedalus, Vladimir-Estragon

ROOMS/INTERIORS – Thomas Hardy’s “Walking,” Jacob’s Room, Wings of the Dove, Tarr, The Enormous Room

THE IMAGE – Frank Kermode, Yeats’ “Among School Children” (cf. Hegel) and “Circus Animal,” Pound, Blast, Portrait of the Artist (Thomist)


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