Charles Dickens – Tale of Two Cities (1859)

[Plot Summary]

Published right before Woman in White, serialized right after—what a coincidence! Much less interesting representation of history compared to other late works like Bleka House and DC

He assembles a weird hodepodge of the historical events (the Terror is a week), so for what is realism sacrificed if not for accurate historical event?

It’s more about how we contain and establish an idea of Britishness that is not going to dismiss this issues and contain them: a marriage plot.

Causes of revolution: 1. Structural problem (like the court in bleak house) 2. Contagion of mob violence >>> keeps this separate and say that the latter is not the solution to the former…so in England we have to wed this political fervor to Reformism

Sydney Carton: ends by writing himself into narrative (golden hair of the boy that is named after him…relate this to the golden water at the end of Mill on the Floss, and then to de Koven on golden and the transition to a modernist aesthetic founded on receding narrator, aestheticization, etc.)…but this final narrative sublimation is highly qualified….opens with “were he write soemthing and were it to be prophetic….”


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