Bram Stoker – Dracula (1897)

Joanthan Harker goes to Transylvania as a young solicitor and is held captive by Count Dracula. He is prevented from writing to his boss and his wife-to-be, Mina Murray. Meanwhile Lucy Westerna, best friend of Mina Murray, becomes engaged to Arthur Godalming, after turning down John Seward (director of an insane asylum) and Quincey Morris (an impetuous but kind American). Soon after Harker escapes, and goes to convalesce, Dracula starts to suck Lucy’s blood. Van Helsing is called from Holland by Sward to help. Eventually, Lucy becomes a vampire and they have to cut off her head. Dracual has come to London and they start to track him down, sterilizing the 50 coffins that he has imported from Transylvania (full of that native earth). He eventually flees to Romania, but not before vamping on the angelic Mina Murray, now married to the fully recovered Harker. They set off, using hypnotism on Mina to discover that Dracula is traveling by water. They eventually find him in Romania, and Harker kills him just before sundown, but not before Quincey is killed by a gypsy.

Language – attention give to different languages, speech impediments, shorthand, translation, etc.

Life – where does life reside? In blood, earth, mind? Different answers given thtoughout.

Modes of writing – Stoker runs the gamut of recording devices: diary, journal, phonograph, typewriter, traveler typewriter, “angelic recorder.” In the end, after compiling the compulsively written documents, they decide that no document is authentic except for the original written diaries.

The Press – Press clippings are often pasted into journals and used to speed along events. In short, everything is seen and able to be written about by someone.

Knowledge/Power/Concealment – This often breaks down along gendered lines. When mina is left out of conversations, Dracula starts to vamp her.

The Host – use of Christ’s signified body as defense

Ships – connect with Sign of Four and Moonstone – the ocean, sea is a wily mode of transportation, slower but more effective than trains, coaches, etc. for evasion

Euthanasia – read as arch-word (357)

Stuff on child-brain and man-brain – Child-brain is slave to empirical training and testing, and is highly selfish. Interesting Humean discourse here.

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